Obtaining an Immigration Visa with Disability Issues

There are several steps in the process to obtain an immigration visa, with the Form N-400 application. It is not just a matter of filling out the application and being approved, as the Bozeman immigration attorney can tell you. The immigration lawyer advice will inform the person with disabilities how this process works and how the USCIS attempts to make every accommodation possible.

The immigration attorney Bozeman will explain that if the applicant’s disability means using a wheelchair, then the USCIS will ensure that fingerprinting, the interview and location to be sworn in, will occur at a location that is wheelchair accessible. When the disability is a hearing impairment, depending on the extent of the disability, the USCIS officer will speak loudly, slow and clear. If the hearing impairment is total deafness, then the immigration agency will arrange to have an American Sign Language interpreter. The sign language interpreter can also be arranged to attend the oath ceremony. If the applicant is blind and requires a guide dog, then it is permitted for the dog to accompany the applicant to the interview and to the oath ceremony.

When dealing with disabilities the immigration lawyer advice will be to indicate the disability on the Form N-400, in the section that questions if you need special assistance. The immigration attorney may also recommend writing a letter explaining your special needs. This will be done after receiving the interview notice and the Bozeman immigration lawyer will explain that it should be mailed to the USCIS district office where your interview will be held.

Under certain circumstances when the physical or mental impairment is severe that it is difficult to demonstrate the required knowledge of the English language and civics, the applicant may be eligible for an exemption. In this type of case immigration lawyer help, a Medical Certification for Disability Exceptions will be secured. This is a Form N-648, which will then need to be filled out by a medical professional. Any immigration lawyer questions can be answered by the immigration attorney Bozeman, about the use and submission of Form N-648.