What to Expect When Hiring an Immigration Attorney

What to expect when hiring an immigration attorney, is a professional lawyer who specializes in immigration issues. They have a complete knowledge of immigration law, and the Bozeman immigration lawyer ensures that they remain up to date on the changes in regulations and rules. This is the only way that an immigration attorney is able to provide the quality representation that the client deserves. One of the other things that will guarantee the immigration lawyer stays up to date on the changes in immigration law is by being a member of the American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA).

The licensed attorney can represent you before the United States Citizen and Immigration services, where a fiancé and other visa petitions are filed. The National Visa Center is where name checks are conducted and the U.S. Embassy or Consulate, where the interview and K-1 visa will be issued. The K-1 visa when issued will be the only visa that is to be used within the United States and when this type of visa is issued to a fiancé, the couple must marry within 90 days. These are things that the Bozeman immigration attorney will explain, so the couple is clear about the stipulations. When these rules are not followed it can result in the fiancé having to leave the U.S. and the visa process started over, including the fees being paid again.

The Montana immigration lawyer can help prevent lengthy delays, since any technical mistake or any omission in the paperwork that is submitted will result in a form letter known as a Request for Evidence. This letter will advise you, what had been done improperly, which is good, but the problem is, this letter is usually sent several months after the petition was filed. Correcting the mistake and believing that the error should be cleared up is also often wrong. It can take months again until a letter is received showing another error or omission. Each time a letter of Request of Evidence is sent, and the paperwork corrected it can take approximately six months to process and sometimes even longer.

Situations like receiving this type of form letter for corrections that can hold up the application for months will not occur with a Bozeman immigration lawyer. Specializing in immigration law in this type of instance will speed up the process, since there will be no errors in applications and documents that are filed.